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How to order your personalised products

Hi! Want a timeless memory of your pet on a slate? Or a lovely thoughtful gift for someone who loves their pet?

Square rock coaster on wooden stand

First of all - choose which product you'd like.... slate, coaster, placemat, PVC mouse mat or coasters as that will tell you what shape your image needs to be:


- Square slate or coaster - make sure your image can be cropped to a square shape.

- Rectangular slates and mouse-mats - your image needs to be in rectangular format, but can sit either horizontally or vertically.

- Placemats - these sit horizontally.

Then decide on size.

Slates - coasters are 9cm square and have little rubber feet on the back. If you

would prefer to use one as a display slate, consider buying a little wooden stand to hold it.

Square display slates come in 15cm square or 20cm square, with little supporting feet to stand them on.

Rectangular slates can be done in 14x19cm and 12x22cm and come with supporting feet.

14x19 rectangular rock display slate

9cm hardboard UNISUB coaster


Please use an image from the original file on your phone NOT something that you have downloaded off facebook, messenger etc. These platforms compress the images and reduce their resolution and then they will not print well onto slates etc.

I need the best quality image you have so that needs to have enough pixels in it.

If you look at the file description in "My Files" on Android, or image description on I-phone, you should be able to see the pixel size of your image.

20x26 UNISUB placemat

Please check the guide below for minimum pixel size of the long side of the image (eg 1800x1200):

9cm square slate - 1200 pixels

15cm square slate - 1800 pixels

20cm square slate - 2400 pixels

14x19cm slate - 2400 pixels

12x22cm slate - 2600 pixels

Mousemat - 2400 Pixels

Placemats - 3000 Pixels

Then order your product through the website, and put a note on the order that you're sending the image through.

If you're not sure about your image I can help!

Send it via Dropbox, WeTransfer or email to

I can tell you if the size is suitable, help with cropping and design and adjust the edit to make your image pop!

I'll do my best to help and no question is daft!

Ordering time - I'll send the products usually via Royal Mail or for the heavier items, courier 2nd class and well padded and protected.

With Royal Mail strikes between now and Christmas I'll do my best to get things to you promptly.

If you need your product urgently please ask but generally I ask for a turn around time of a week (longer if waiting for slate stock etc but will keep you informed)

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