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Prickly Pigs Hedgehog Rescue, Otley, West Yorkshire

For the last 2 years I've worked closely with this wonderful local charity, a husband and wife couple who run a hedgehog rescue from their shed, all the time while holding down jobs and family life!

They do an amazing job and desperately need funds to help our little prickly friends. 

They also have a dream - to buy land and build a big rescue that friends of the rescue can visit to picnic and enjoy nature. 

They have lots of other products on sale - including cards, magnets and a whole host of other gifts, and you can adopt a hedgehog for yourself or that hedgehog lover in your life.

Angel Watch Rescue and Rehome, Bucharest, Romania

I came across the wonderful Angel Watch when I adopted my gorgeous twins - a puppy and kitten found together in a tip, starving and close to death. The little "Rommies", as they are known by the adopters fratenity, are adorable and I am so glad they are no longer ifighting for survival in Romania.

There are over 600,000 strays in Romania. You might have seen the football match last year when the Romanian team came out holding rescue puppies, trying to gain awareness and interest in people adopting these amazing little animals.

WIth the cost of living crisis and the dreadful situation in Ukraine this year, things have become tight and they desperately need your help to rescue more animals from the streets and the kill shelters.


Pod and Pea

Wildlife Friendly Otley

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World Wide Fund for Nature - WWF

The Environmental Investigation Agency - EIA

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