Hello and welcome to my selection of nature greeting cards!

I always find it a great privilege to be close to the wild animals and birds that are around us all the time. It's easy to think they aren't there - but spending  an hour in January one year doing the RSPB Garden Watch made me realise how many different species of birds visit the garden under the radar - if only you watch. 

I'm lucky enough to live close to a vast area of country and the only challenge is getting up early to catch the various creatures in the best light of the day.

All of these were photographed around and about Yorkshire  - apart from the baby giraffe who is an interloper from South Lakes Safari Zoo.

With my wildlife photos I try and combine my love of animals and that of painterly editing and creativity to produce something that is in some ways more art than photography and hopefully makes you stop and think about the magnificent creatures around us.

What better way to send someone a special message or to let them know you care. The cards are 5x7 inches, or 6x6 inches for square cards. 

They are printed on textured card and come with an  ivory envelope and encased in biodegradable cellophane wrap.

Animal welfare and support is very important to me and so I will donate 20% of profit, from each card,  to local animal rescue centres.  Currently this is Prickly Pigs Hedgehog Rescue, Otley.

If you'd rather pay by bank transfer, please email me on helsw@btinternet.com with your order and I'll send you an invoice with  my BACS details on.

Postage and packing - £1 for first class delivery which will accommodate up to 4  cards.

More and Royal Mail says it's too thick and it needs to be a large letter which will cost £2.These costs are for UK mainland only - if you live outside and would like to order some cards, please contact me :)

Many thanks for looking at my cards and I hope you enjoy the beauty and the majesty of these lovely characters :)

Many of these designs are available in other products, please look at my online shop on 

https://www.redbubble.com and search for "Helen Walker"

If you don’t have a paypal account, don’t worry. Just send me a message on helsw@btinternet.com telling we what you’d  like and I’ll send you an invoice with payment details on it. Thanks 

Untitled photo
Peek-a-boo pricing
Harvest Mouse pricing
Untitled photo
Sea Eagle pricing
Stormy Skies pricing
Red kite pricing
Atlantic Tern pricing
Young Stag pricing
All Mine pricing
'Ello! pricing
Mandarin duck pricing
Gotcha! pricing
Golden Dawn pricing
After Dark pricing
Baby Giraffe pricing
Purple patch pricing
Me and You pricing
Goin' blackberrying pricing
King of the Castle pricing
Teardrop pricing
Pink beauty pricing
Puma pricing
Incoming pricing
Colours of summer pricing
Ger off me nuts! pricing
Razor sharp pricing
Tiger tiger pricing
Csmouflage pricing
Grace and majesty pricing
Painted with gold pricing
Popping out for lunch pricing
Dinner for one pricing
Erm...hello? pricing
Chillin' pricing
Woah! pricing
How ya doin' pricing
Puma pricing
Bejeweled pricing
Keeping watch pricing
Who's askin' pricing
Spring evening pricing
Dark dreams pricing
Mute swan pricing
The three degrees pricing
Heron on the River Wharfe pricing
Untitled photo
Ugly ducklings pricing
Untitled photo
Spike pricing
Kes pricing
Untitled photo
Swan Lake pricing
Untitled photo
Everyone needs a teddy pricing